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Living Bread

Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word of God! Reader, always remember that as living souls we need the true bread from heaven even more than our natural daily bread. The Lord wants us to have our daily bread and we pray for it in the Lord’s Prayer but scripture also exhorts us not to take thought about temporal things like food and drink.

During the past decade, the Living Bread has become food for my spirit man and nourishment for my soul. The power of communion and its ability to keep the believer walking in divine health has also become real to me.

Manna from heaven was a great miracle for Israel but Jesus said that the living bread from heaven is even greater. Manna had a sweet taste like honey and God’s word has become sweet to me over the years. Like Joseph, the promises of God have become iron in my soul and more real than external circumstances.

Jesus said, eat my flesh and drink my blood and the people were offended saying, how can this man give us His flesh to eat? He also said that if we do not partake of Him we have no life in us! Better than manna, Christ is the true bread from heaven unto eternal life.

You are what you eat is even more true in the realm of the Spirit than in the realm of the natural. Jesus says in Luke 4:4 (TPT), “Life does not come only from eating bread but from God. Life flows from every revelation from his mouth.”

In the wilderness, all of Israel ate the same spiritual meat and drank the same spiritual drink. They were nourished by God Himself and today we have the gift of indulging in the spiritual Rock that followed: that Rock is the Christ, who is the bread of life and the source of our daily nourishment & salvation.

The table of the Lord, also known as Communion, reminds the Body of Christ to celebrate the finished work of the cross. As we partake, we expect His soon return with every bite of what represents His broken body and as we drink, we receive the benefit of forgiveness of sin by His shed blood.

“Man shall not live on bread alone” (Luke 4:4 NIV).

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