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Welcome to 3 John 2 Ministries

Equipping individuals on how to connect with the Holy Spirit, nourishing their souls through that connection, and healing physical disease or emotional

dis-ease as a result.

My Story

Mimi Kroger began her life in Brooklyn, New York. The child of immigrant parents from Italy and Argentina, she lived the life of an American with old-world roots influencing her day-to-day life. At a young age, her family moved from New York to the beautiful mountains of Colorado.


Her life took a dramatic turn in 1993 with a lupus diagnosis culminating in a kidney transplant 21 years later. Her relationship with Christ gave her the grace to fight, and as she became more intimately acquainted with the Holy Spirit, she began to heal. Receiving healing has spurred on her calling to see others walk in their own Divine health and destiny.  


3 John 2 Ministries, a faith-based non-profit organization, was birthed to promote the promise that the enjoyment of good health and prosperity is attainable through a strong connection with the Holy Spirit.


Your tax-deductible donation allows for the distribution of books, along with teaching and prayer ministry across the globe. 3 John 2 Ministries is also involved in providing for the needs of orphans in Kamuli, Uganda at Run Alongside Mission Project. Please consider making your contribution a monthly donation.


Thank you for your participation in God's Kingdom work!

"Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit." 

3 John 2 (NLT)

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Mimi would love to hear from you! Please share your healing testimony, prayer requests, and speaking invitations by sending an email below.

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