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Holy Spirit, Help Me Heal

There is a powerful healing that comes when control is replaced with surrender. Mimi’s story is a doorway that ushers in the life-giving grace and truth of Jesus. I know that in the pages of this book, many will find hope, strength, and inspiration for their own journey, just as I have. 

– Matthew Hein, recording artist with I AM THEY

Mimi Kroger’s book Holy Spirit, Help Me heal, takes you on a journey to discovering the kindness of the Holy Spirit. With raw open-heartedness, Mimi shares her story of healing and provides opportunity for people to reflect and engage with the Holy Spirit in a practical way at each step along the journey. This story of redemption and healing will captivate and inspire you to trust the One who is altogether faithful and trustworthy. 


– Katherine Ruonala, senior leader at Glory City Church, author of Living in the Miraculous, Double for Your Trouble, Wilderness to Wonders, Life with the Holy Spirit and Speak Life

Mimi's book Holy Spirit, Help Me Heal is a guide on how to draw closer to Jesus and on how to heal in body, soul, and spirit. He's our hope for healing, and through her writing, she shares the truth about who God is for us. She talks about her own battles, and you can feel her heart for the Lord coming through her words, bringing hope to anyone who reads it. Be sure to check out her powerful bonus chapter, "Beauty for Ashes: Even if You Start the Fire."


– Francie & Duane Chapman, Dog the Bounty Hunter

If you are searching for healing of the spirit and body, Holy Spirit, Help Me Heal is a compelling read to help you start along the path to healing, to strengthen your faith, and to renew your body through the Holy Spirit. Although Mimi describes her medical journey, she focuses on her healing through the Holy Spirit—not just physical healing, but the complete emotional and spiritual healing that comes from knowing you have worth and are unconditionally loved by God. God is unfailing in His love and unchanging in His desire to heal us through the Spirit. Take this journey with Mimi—read, reflect, and worship in order to guide your own restoration.


– Heather A. Shull, MD, care team medical director

What an honor for our first single to be used as a "Heart Connection" in Mimi's first book. Her journey to a healthy and balanced life dependent on the Holy Spirit is more than inspiring, it is LIFE-GIVING!


– CAIN, song “Rise Up (Lazarus)”

We could fill a page with descriptors of Mimi Kroger—faithful, fun, and vivacious, to name a few. However, the word triumphant just might top our list.


Holy Spirit, Help Me Heal is a story beautifully told of a tremendous battle, literally a battle of life and death. Mimi Kroger faced terrific challenges, including lupus and a kidney transplant. With vulnerability and great grace, she tells of her battle. But more importantly, she tells of her love affair with Jesus. Intimacy with the precious Holy Spirit and the Word of God, coupled with strong faith, have healed her mind, body, and spirit.


Whether your battle is physical or emotional or if it involves deep soul wounds, this book will lead you on a journey towards health and wholeness. Find your “Jesus chair,” your quiet place for soul searching, scripture contemplation and dialogue with Holy Spirit. As you engage with these pages and the Lord, let Mimi’s story and wisdom help usher you into the astonishing wellness of abundant life.


And the bonus chapter!! Trust us; you will really want to get Mimi’s "Beauty for Ashes: Even if You Start the Fire." We loved how she told more of her amazing testimony. If you are searching for the meaning of grace—crazy, extravagant grace—this bonus chapter is for you.


As Mimi penned, “It’s time for the real you to shine!”


– Dr. Dan & Linda Wilson, authors of 5 books including Seven Secrets of a Supernatural Marriage

With grace and humility, this book is meant to help heal the broken heart, mind, and body. Mimi brilliantly and passionately brings the reader into every scene leaving you with hope that you too can push through whatever is gripping you or in the past has gripped you to the core.


– Moe & Paige Becnel, founders of Blending A Family Ministry and authors of several books including the best-selling God Breathes on Blended Families

A powerful personal account of leaning on the Holy Spirit for healing of the body, soul, and spirit. Mimi’s stories are inspiring and vulnerable. There’s nothing like hope to transform your health and your life.


– Jendayi Harris, author of The Chubby Church

Holy Spirit, Help Me Heal kept me turning pages as I journeyed with Mimi down the path of near-death and back to wholeness again. Her perseverance toward purpose, passion to help others, and plan to partner with the Holy Spirit teaches us to have a life of abundance. In her ongoing conversation with the Holy Spirit, Mimi is living proof of God's glorious inheritance. Be prepared to be changed as you are immersed in the greatest love of all. 

– Angela Dee Smith, speaker, teacher, and artist, author of Voiceless, Spencer’s Story

Mimi gives the valuable message of God's perfect love in her book, Holy Spirit, Help Me Heal. She reveals His true nature through the words she writes. As she shares vulnerable experiences from her life, you will receive help and hope.


– Pastor J.R. Polhemus, Castle Rock, Colorado

Mimi’s story reveals the heart of God for each one of us. Through her beautiful words, Mimi shows how to grab hold of God’s goodness and never let go! Let the healing begin as you open up this powerful book. 


– Amy Elaine Martinez, host of the Past to Power Podcast and author of Becoming a Victory Girl

Mimi Kroger explores the depths of physical, spiritual, and emotional healing by encountering God’s kindness and restoration. This book seamlessly takes you through her journey of wholeness, God’s kindness, and God’s ultimate goal of bringing each of us into His family and becoming more than conquerors through Christ Jesus. I recommend this book as a guide to help you along your journey.


– Brian Fenimore, founder of Plumbline Ministries

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